Now people may disagree on the language here in the title but being a coward is truly not intended as an insult but rather a  personal attribute – pure and simple. What we’ve seen yet again from Theresa May in delaying the parliament vote is yet another clear demonstration of where her real loyalties lie as if we actually needed a reminder. I am actually not angry or frustrated by this action but rather amused to see in action how self-interest can become self-harm in an instant, that to me is what’s remarkable about this new “Twist” to the tale. It is also a vindication of my view that I previously posted in which I suggest that Theresa May deserves nothing less than being chucked from office and she seems to agree in some funny way if you take it by her actions alone. It’s also a vindication of my view that BREXIT is a creation of a broken political system that has become so disconnected from main street and where the key objective seems to be self-preservation rather than genuine/honest representation. 

If anything this move of Theresa May is an affirmation that the Peopl’e Vote is the only way out of this mess.

Finally, as for the question about why a 2nd Ref won’t lead to a 3rd or 4th let me say this; so bit it because in such a consequential vote if margins are low and there is no clarity of choice and if there is clear evidence of political interference then absolutely let’s have another and another until we’re absolutely certain this is indeed the majority’s choice whatever it is. So people making this argument should Know Better or should stop lecturing on Democracy Altogether.

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