While our wise leaders enjoy their dinners, continental breakfast with croissant and/or English breakfast we all hold our breaths for the latest developments in the negotiations. However now we’re getting slowly used to the template for the storyline coming out of the official ongoing chatter which goes something like this; someone from each side coming out to confirm major differences still exist between both sides kinda like this little sketch;

A pilot on a plane warning passengers every once in a while; 10 minutes to impact, then coming out a few minutes later saying; now 20 minutes before impact……now 30 minutes. Sorry folks we will most certainly crash but apologies for the delay which is beyond our control but we’re doing our best to impact sooner rather than later. Until then/in the meantime we’d like to make it up to you and offer some free crackers to enjoy while you wait.

On a more serious note as I mentioned in my previous blog and though I am a Remainer – because I am a pragmatist beyond any ideological biases – I truly believe that a No-Deal BREXIT is the best deal for Britain at this moment & time simply because it gives us time to deal with the fallacies perpetrated by the nationalist zealots that misrepresent Nationalism (sorry I mean National Interest whereas Nationalism is really about National Disinterest) and are undermining everything we ever stood for as a nation. We need to understand our weaknesses before learn our strengths so that we’re able to cope with realities BREXITEER clans have been effective in brushing aside. If on the other hand a deal is struck it is quite likely to be undermined by the clan which will translate to further undermining our relationship with the EU. Scrambling to do a deal will eventually be a deal breaker – a lesson I thought the EU learned after many years of false starts in the negotiations.

In short we need to rediscover Britain and find leaders that champion pragmatism over ideology; leaders that are keen to build a better future for the new generation – a generation of colors open to the world/protected by it. A deal without a good foundation is just ink (or junk if you will) on paper.

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