The idea that the UK government will eventually heed the warnings about the catastrophic implications of a hard BREXIT is no longer viable/visible. It is very clear now that the BREXIT team – not the PM necessarily – who are actually in the driving seat of BREXIT are going full steam ahead with plans to sever ties with the EU even at this early stages of negotiations – here are some relevant posts;

Severing ties with the EU starts in DAYS as transferring of laws to begin NEXT WEEK

UK withdraws from 53-year-old common fisheries agreement ahead of Brexit

So what then? The online/offline posts/discussions/tweets critical of government policy are now a waste of time/energy because they’ll have no effect on government plans. What I would recommend as a matter of urgency is a call for a 2nd Referendum now not a few years down the line when more policies are rammed through the pipeline by the current government to help solidify the BREXIT at all cost approach.

The only way out is action now supported by a well coordinated/sustained campaign in the form of demonstration & lobbying by Remainer’s and people supporting a soft BREXIT (including businesses) to stop the sledge hammer held by the BREXIT team from doing more damage. Nothing else will work and the only time available is NOW – politicians will NOT move on their own. I for one would be more than happy to collaborate with others in making this happen because there are NO other feasible choices out there and as the old saying goes you can either; Put Up or Shut Up.

This post can serve as an enabler in promoting action or a mere reminder if no action is taken – following an important related post;

BREXIT: A Petition to Trigger a 2nd Referendum NOW & the Basis for this Petition 

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