This in my book ain’t about grandstanding but rather about pure stupidity & ignorance; you know the kind of dumb tweets we got used to from Donald Trump; hence the perception of boris as mini Trump. It is truly disgusting to see a British so called leader behave like 5 year old child; an old child that is systematically dismantling our reputation and our future in the process. I fear that for Britain with this child at its helm things will likely be getting much worse before they get any better; wake up Britain and finally smell the coffee. 

Just a quick thought/reaction to actions of an unstable child who has no business running a pub let alone a country! Diplomacy is serious business and reactionary individuals who know nothing about it and yet take leadership roles cause irreparable damage not only when it comes reputation/values but also when it comes to matters of national security at every public domain; a repeat of the Donald Trump story across the pond but with a state with far less influence/capabilities particularly in post BREXIT times though this is not about BREXIT but about the utter incompetence in how it is being handled due to unrealistic expectations that have been set for post BREXIT Britain. This impasse is not the first nor will it be the last because diversions are a necessary ingredient for a failing process that produced little if any actual benefits to the vast majority of Brits and plenty in the way of economic and social challenges which we call The BREXIT Immigration Ruse.

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