Unbelievable;  An attempt to “Normalize Racism” that coming from an American Congressman Steve King. I can tell you Congressman with all due respect, You & Others Like You Will Never Make It Normal!

Beyond that initial reaction above (and after having a sip of coffee), I can say that it is really shocking how political representatives of the American people have come to represent something completely foreign to American (and Western) values/traditions. Forget about details for a second and try look at the big picture here; one can write many posts on this and do days of analysis but it really boils down to 1 simple fact; a society turning on itself, and this could NOT be at a worse time. So my humble advice for America-and I do care about America-is this; please stop bragging about how great America is, and try bring back the America that once was!    

I would encourage passing him a message here.

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