Forget Trump, forget BREXIT, forget political meddling; one of the main problems that we face today is that we’ve grown comfortable living within isolated silos with people that share our value system/worldview based on similar experiences – and that’s a key term in this context. In other words we’ve become couch potatoes living in our own guarded comfort zones – guarded by rogue politicians & media – and consumed by consumption rather than trying to better understand/adapt to the complexities of the world we live in. We react to events rather than try to better understand them to make an informed judgment and our approach has become quite simple; “winner takes all”. This my friends in NOT a sustainable social model; rather it represents a social vulnerability from within that weakens and eventually breaks us. We need to help develop a new model; a model that helps destroy these silos by doing all we can – and being creative about it – to create social programs that promote the sharing of experiences and reconnecting diverse social groups through social integration NOT isolation. We need to eliminate social barriers that prevent us from having relatively similar experiences; at least ones that pertain to our core value system. We need to view any form of religious and/or educational segregation as a threat rather the norm. We need to focus on fixing our broken politics and those who abuse the system rather than protect it from being abused. In brief we need to start looking at the BIG PICTURE as I mentioned so (so) many times in previous posts – rather than constantly focusing on the detail of day-to-day challenges because it’s only the big picture that will allow us to determine if we’re heading in the right direction. Finally we need to learn – or relearn – to enjoy life in its simplest form rather than being too sophisticated about it for our own good.

Friends there is plenty to digest from the past 4/5 years alone, so we can either learn/apply or ignore and bare the consequences with a smile; the choice is ours to make and time unfortunately is not on our side.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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