We’ve been watching the complete travesty  of politics/government Trump Style for over a year now. But beyond the shenanigans that have clouded this administration one of the most dangerous elements is when personal affairs (and/or personal judgements) start influencing policy, particularly foreign policy and particularly when this involves a super power like the U.S. This is one kind of guy you wouldn’t want to drive your car let alone your country – but then again worth to remember that his actions are not constrained to your borders so you get the picture. This I believe is what’s happening now when Trump talks about responding in Syria as well as the ongoing Russia affair. Putting some administrative shackles won’t work because after all his is supposed to be the President. All this happening while the GOP is in complete denial and in clan mode. If we are now looking into loopholes when it comes to data protection with Facebook and the like, we should spare sometime to look into loopholes in our Democracy to try and fix these as well – enough jargon talk/political posturing & more effective efforts/action.

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