Democracy cannot be imposed but should be actively supported. Let’s learn some lessons from the failures of the Arab Spring and develop/apply an adaptable template to help emerging democracies find/apply a suitable/sustainable path towards democratic governance. The first steps are always the most difficult ones and many states choose the tested/failed approach of return to military rule and eventually back to the state of dictatorship with the excuse of security/stability. There is a big difference between the duty of the military to protect and the right to have civilian (NOT quasi civilian-generals in a suit style) governance.

Why should be get involved? Well, because failed states translate to instability and migration in all its forms;

  • Socio-political Migration
  • Economic Migration
  • Ecological Migration

So let’s wisen up by not repeating flawed policies of the past – ones based on short term objectives – because we eventually pay for these policies in the long run.

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