Human Rights lawyer & activist Amal Clooney quits her UK envoy role over Brexit plan to trash international law in the so called Internal Market Bill which passed its first hurdle in the House of Commons last week. I guess it means something to stand up for something in a country led by a bunch political hacks that are consistently undermining everything/anything this country has ever valued/stood for not so long ago. Well done Amal Clooney, well done though entirely consistent with your impeccable profile as a professional and an activist on important global issues like Human Rights. What is happening in present day Britain is nothing to be proud of irrespective of ones political affiliation. We are in every sense of the word in a big mess and the political system we own has all but failed to protect us from the BREXIT shenanigans of unscrupulous politicians with the ends justify the means mentality that will most definitely lead to an own goal, except that this is not a game. I mentioned in a previous post below that we desperately need a change in our governance model, but for now we need to do all possible to STOP the juveniles running the country from destroying our future. We still have time and plenty of options available if we choose to organise and make a concerted effort to end the farce from continuing further.

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