Apologies for the confusion, the idea confused me also for a while so thought to share this confusion to avoid the loneliness of this feeling. The idea is actually quite simple so here goes;

I have 2 sites Fidelitosblog.com and Fidelitos.com each had a purpose so decided to merge them and use the more interesting interface of which was originally for fidelitos.com site. So eventually the other site fidelitos.com will be dropped and here we have a newer interface but more or less same content. You may discover some post duplications which I will be trying to sort this out in the coming days but other than that no changes, except to update the logo up top.

Hope that makes sense; I appreciate your patience and thanks a ton for subscribing to this site and I am hoping to make your experience here even better in terms of content which starts with a promise No More Switches.

Take care

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