Just a quick update to let you all know that my Hi5 weekly art gallery is now accessible to all visitors on my photo-art site fidelitospix.com and here is a direct link; fidelitospix.com/Hi5. The following clip is for this week and I will be publishing new photo’s and clips each week on Friday to keep it simple. Older clips for previous weeks can be found on my Youtube channel rather than reposting them here or you can just visit my site and see the actual photo’s; note that some of the photo’s are cropped in the clip to preserve video format so its always best to see the original photo’s on my site directly. I do hope you enjoy my work, share the links and your comments. This much simpler setup will allow me to a better/more efficient workflow that ensures more focus on quality & throughput of my work and you will begin to see more variety to the work and quality particularly with the new advanced gear acquired. So do follow along and enjoy the ride in this artistic journey of mine where there is likely to be plenty in the way of twists and turns just to keep it exciting 🙂

Capturing/Interpreting Special Moments for Pleasure

What a job!

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