Now I must say I’ve always respected Vince Cable as very experienced/ethical politician since the time I was member of the LibDems. However I was also one that suggested him leading the party was the wrong choice – though his experience was important to the party (related link below to my post on the party election). Now what seems to have happened is what I eluded at within my post – the election gave overconfidence when it comes to his experience in office because that’s exactly what many members turned to when putting him as first/only choice as party leader. So here are some comments about his statements in the interview today on Andrew Marr;

  • An alternate “Liberal” PM does NOT choose to exacerbate the division in the country by calling for Exit Brexit rather than a sensible solution to unite the country like a 2nd Referendum which was the main position. This is in fact is the the concept of “Leading from Behind” literally.
  • An alternate PM should develop a new/pragmatic/sensible vision for Britain within the EU and NOT just complain about government policy.
  • An alternate PM would start by uniting his own party & attempts to produce electoral results before moving on to a national election campaign mode. What he is actually doing is overplaying his experience in government as proof off eligibility to become PM. So please STOP being a dreamer and come back/join us on Earth where we Liberals are in kind of a mess thanks to our “experienced” leaders.

So although I am a Liberal at heart I do NOT see that you’re steering the party in the right direction – which in our case in the UK means that we have no effective Liberal voice to represent a big faction of our society hence the 3rd, 4th and 5th rank that the LibDems  have been glued to for what seems a lifetime.

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