My tweet when hearing about progress this morning is; “The End of America as we know it!”, which is my own simplistic view and believe to be “true”. Analysis takes much to long and boring so here is briefly my simple stab at it;

It all boils down to 2 key cards played well by the conservative lobby;

  1. Hatred of many towards Hillary Clinton irrespective of sorting out fact from fiction or balancing the options.
  2. Best to select someone unconventional/outside the system again irrespective, well of anything really.

The card that I am most concerned about though is the failure of Liberal Democracy-which I aspire to-to be perceived as a viable alternative to conservative/protectionist/xenophobic ideology. We need to think hard about our model and be much more pragmatic in our solutions (NOT idealistic) to win back ground. We also need to be more effective in reaching out with a solid vision to our communities (with technically effective campaign strategies) and build alliances with other parties that share our values. An aggressive campaign agenda is in order against ultra right wing ideologies which seem to taping on genuine fears people have mainly due to failed policies of the political establishment-its all common sense really “if conventional solutions fail try the unconventional”-well can’t be more unconventional than what we have here.

Beyond all I hope we can all agree on baselines when debating policy so that we move away from personal insults/attacks which in itself drives divisiveness in our society, a great breeding ground for extremist ideology (living in silos of virtual reality). We also discovered we are living in a bubble ourselves not to have seen this coming-not the election result in itself but what it reflects in our divided society. First thing to do is pierce that bubble and deal with it head on.

So I guess to many of us Liberals its back to the Drawing Board, which I also hope we can use as a Springboard in the evolution of Liberal Democracy.

My Final Thoughts;

When all is Said and Done that’s What Makes Democracy Fun

Makes You Laugh, Makes You Cry, Makes you Wonder What the Hell, Why?

So Spare a Moment for the Cast But Thank God it’s Over At Last

And Now Excuse the Pun, but We Need to Go Back & Be 1

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