I suspect this topic is becoming more politically charged than it needs to be which leads to us loosing focus on what the main argument really is about. The natural progress of this approach is that different intrenched views begin making assumptions about the others sides intentions, people get agitated and we mess up the point. An example is in order;

  1. PM May & Conservatives want a swift route to BREXIT based on referendum results
  2. Labour want no 2nd Referendum but assurances in terms single market access by supporting a parliamentary vote to invoke Article 50.
  3. Liberal Democrats looking for a 2nd referendum
  4. SNP wants out “sooner” if BREXIT means BREXIT

What I would recommend is to narrow differences down to 1 of 2 options and debate this properly without accusations/false assumptions as “Responsible Politicians?!”. The way this issue has been dealt with so far is causing a rift in our society and the media is also playing the game. The solution is not about forcing 1 side to concede defeat but rather about the perception that it’s a fair deal particularly when considering a matter that has profound affects on our future and our identity as a nation-so yes it is about {Process} Prime Minister and it is disingenuous for to suggest otherwise for whatever reason. More importantly we need to demonstrate that we have faith in our democratic system not in rhetoric but in action.

A final point to make is that when all the dust settles we need acknowledge/deal with the fact that there are racist/xenophobic elements within our society that have used this debate to surface and cause harm to our democratic values/traditions as a society. We should not suppress or ignore this trend but rather deal with it pragmatically as a matter of national priority; Policies/politicians & debates come and go but the social fabric of the nation takes generations to build and is here to stay.

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