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It seems to me that when you build nation at its core on the basis of a purely political/religious movement (zionism) while the population is by and large multi-ethnic/multi-religious it is unlikely there will be any level of pragmatic integration. A Diversity in Fact does NOT translate to a Diversity in Mindset. This is truly a shame in this day-and-age when focus should be on building a coherent society able to compete/promote & develop talent powered by diversity while at the same time developing regional partnerships/accessing regional markets. I truly believe that the Power House that is Israel has much potential to be a major economic player in the region if old ideologies are laid to rest and pragmatic solutions are fast tracked to resolve the long standing Middle East conflict. After all history rarely goes in a straight line so we must adapt/re-align our approach while promoting this pragmatic/open mindset into the fabric of our societies.

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