OK, here is a short intro. As some may know from previous posts music to me is an enormous passion particularly orchestral work be it classical, film scores or rock. I also love conducting and have very particular preference in terms of conducting style – I actually do practice though not at a professional level. Now that takes care of the “short intro” suggestion I made earlier. Anyway I recently came across this youtube video of the Stars Wars Suite performance by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Stars Wars music is among my favourite compositions by the Giant composer John Williams. I know the music well – actually who in the world doesn’t – and have listened to different interpretations by different orchestras and I must say this particular one has become my favourite; though to be honest the tempo in some sections deserved a slightly quicker beat. Not only is the music performance unmatched in my opinion, but also the videography/composition applied in filming the performance is brilliant; so it’s about the entire package both sights & sounds. I do hope you are able to view the entire clip and more importantly that you enjoy the performance. Have a Nice Weekend.

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