A lovely composition that is quite expressive to the extent that one can literally create ones own story line that fits it perfectly. Of course that was precisely the point as you will see below why Walt Disney used it in his animated film; it may well be the case that the music itself inspired him to create the story line for the film. I hope you enjoy this piece because many of us will recognise the tune, particularly when the bassoon starts revealing the main unmistakable theme of creeping suspense.  Following is a brief history about this wonderful composition taken from the indispensable Wikipedia.

Brief History

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (French: L’Apprenti sorcier) is a symphonic poem by the French composer Paul Dukas, completed in 1897. Subtitled “Scherzo after a ballad by Goethe”, the piece was based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 1797 poem of the same name. By far the most performed and recorded of Dukas’ works, its notable appearance in the Walt Disney 1940 animated film Fantasia has led to the piece becoming widely known to audiences outside the classical concert hall. Its first performance was given in Paris on May 18, 1897. The composer himself was its conductor.

Performance by; Orchestre national de France conducted by the brilliant Dalia Stasevska

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