Another brilliant performance by Dutch violinist Janine Jansen of one of great masterpieces for violin by Tchailkovsky. In my opinion music is not just about technical ability to play the music, but equally important is how you project the piece you’re playing in terms of your performance in emphasizing each bar; and to me Janine Jansen is certainly one of the best all round musicians. Equally brilliant is the mastery/safe hands of conductor Paavo Järvi; I absolutely love his conducting style, a minimalistic yet effective approach and one that can be characterized as a contemporary style in conducting that is both elegant, simple and yet quite expressive of the music. I have great joy watching conductors because they sort of break down the musical narrative in way that makes it clear to understand/digest. In my young teen years I remember watching a live ballet performance while sitting in the front row; my eyes were entirely focused on the conductors hands all the time to the extent one of the ladies in the string section of the orchestra started smiling in amusement of this weirdo focused solely on the conductor and mostly ignoring the dancing 🙂

Anyway forget all the above and just enjoy this wonderful piece by one of best orchestras in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Actually I had no intention of watching this clip this morning but once I watched the beginning I ended up watching the whole piece, that’s how good I found to it to be.

Have a great weekend.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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