This my first time listening to this beautiful concerto –  it has Mozart’s signature style written all over it – that is except the beginning of the 3rd movement which i remember well from my all time favourite movies Amadeus. Hope you enjoy and here’s a brief history about the concerto taken from the indispensable Wikipedia.

Brief History

Mozart composed the concerto for performance at a series of concerts at the Vienna venues of the Trattnerhof and the Burgtheater in the first quarter of 1784, where he was himself the soloist in March 1784.

In a letter to his father, Mozart compared this concerto with the 16th concerto in D:

“I consider them both to be concertos which make one sweat; but the B flat one beats the one in D for difficulty.”

Many pianists consider this to be one of the most difficult of Mozart’s piano concertos.[4] The concerto is primarily difficult from its many quick scale patterns which must be played perfectly and also from its many fast chord patterns moving up and down. Beginning with this concerto, Mozart began to use the term “grand” to describe his concerto such as K.450 which feature a prominent and required wind section for the ensemble

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