Remembering the wonderful talent of the Carpenters and the angel’s voice of the multitalented Karen Carpenter who tragically died at the age of only 32 years on the 4th of February 1983 with so much she had accomplished and plenty more should could have given. She had the kind of unique voice that touches your soul with its purity combined with her simple performance style. I would listen to her even without any musical accompaniment; truly a voice of angels that I hope lives on for a long time to come. Watching this specific clip made me even more curious about how she died at such a young age. So I came across another Youtube clip about her tragic death which I watched and I share the link below if someone is interested because I prefer this post be about her talent and her life rather than be about her death/may she R.I.P. Anyway I hope you enjoy the clip as I have and lets always remember to celebrate her life; but if you think I am being a bit old fashioned with my musical taste, then all I can say is; “you betcha!” 🙂

Where main clips are removed from Youtube the posts referencing them will also be deleted

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