Over seven months on/560,460 U.S lives lost from the beginning of the pandemic in the United States the child president finally wears a mask; at least for the camera but a step in the right direction just the same so a cookie is well deserved.

On a more serious note it seems to me that America is suffering from 2 disastrous fates that happen to intersect – at a very unfortunate moment;

  1. A president who by all reasonable assessments can be judged as an abnormal mental case pure/simple – nothing to do with politics left-right or center.
  2. The extreme obsession by a great majority of Americans by their own version of liberty/freedoms one that respects/knows no boundaries/guidelines however harm they may cause to others – which is why there are issues for many following pandemic lockdown measures as well as gun control to name a few. These are not issues created by trump but merely exasperated by his divisive politics/temperament.

In many ways the trump presidency is a wake up call for America to make quite a few urgent changes in its politics/value base because the current path will inevitably lead to a social/political bing bang which I hope can be avoided. The first step would be for Americans to stop being concerned with global perceptions and focus on fixing the systemic failures/vulnerabilities in their governance model which needs an overhaul and perhaps learn for a change from experiences of other nations – this in of itself is NOT a bad thing because this is how nations evolve particularly at times when drastic changes are needed; and if any doubt about the need for urgent change look no further than the trump presidency over the last 4 years as well as the performance in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic (same applies to the UK though measures needed are different).

Anyway I hope that eventually America is able to turn a page on one the darkest chapters in its history and move on.

For now lets enjoy the hot cookie with the mask!

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