There are reports suggesting that the BREXIT impact assessment papers may NOT after all actually exist at least in the form one would expect from a government that takes its responsibility seriously in protecting the interest of the nation rather than being driven by a bunch of hacks/ideologues. If this is the case and there has been no proper assessment of BREXIT I would consider this to be the last straw in the BREXIT saga with 4 specific actions that need to be taken urgently;

  1. A reversal of BREXIT/cancellation of all effects pertaining to the triggering of article 50.
  2. We need parliament to dismantle the team responsible for BREXIT and to begin to assess the way forward – possibly in the form of a temporary unity government – to avoid further damage to our country/economy and clearing the way for holding a regulated 2nd Referendum with realistic visions of our future relationship with the EU (in/out) and within a realistic timeframe obviously with consultation with the EU.
  3. We would need the current government from the PM down the chain of command who are directly responsible for BREXIT to be held legally accountable for this farce.
  4. Once all elements are completed and in case a unity government has been put in charge, then a general election would be automatically triggered.

Whatever path we choose moving forward we need to STOP this train wreck from further damaging our country.

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