Here is one of my all time favourite violin compositions and it comes with a short story. First time I ever heard this piece was when listening to my favourite pop/rock orchestra, James Last – bless his soul his music was the one that introduced me to classical music in the most wonderful way possible and inspired me to learn playing the Trumpet though at an amateur level. At the time I only knew the name of this piece but not the original composer and the only version I knew was the James Last interpretation which at the time was good enough for me. So here are the different versions of this piece by the Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate (see I know that now :-)), the first clip being the original version played by the master Itzhak Perlman and followed by James Last. Hope you enjoy!

James Last version

How about another James Last version while we’re at it – just get on your feet and boogie (trumpet is awesome as always with James Last)

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