Hi All

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe in these unprecedented pandemic times which I hope will be over soon. Just to keep you posted on minor changes to photography posts on the site. I decided to have only new photography posts remain on the site while old ones will be removed within 3-7 days so as not to clutter the site. Photo’s in the posts will reflect ones active in the gallery up top which are viewable in the public gallery of my photography site fidelitospix.com. Following on this declutter process you will also notice featured images for all photography posts will be a standard image while obviously the content of the post will display the photo involved; may look boring (no will actually look boring) when viewing photography related blog post list but again saves plenty of time/space. As for music (My Journey with the Trumpet) posts I will remove old ones that no longer reflect my current level of playing cause it is a learning curve and I will have ones that I enjoy playing re-recorded/re-posted to have some quality in the mix; remember this also involves my experience level with music software/recording techniques.

Thanks much for your time and hope you find it worthwhile to continue following this site (and possibly pass the juice around if you can :-)) and by all means do reach out if you have any suggestions/requests.

Take care, keep positive/safe and have a great weekend.


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