Hope everyone is doing well/staying safe. After a bit of a break from posting I am back as of Saturday the 13 of Feb. In attempt to reduce the noise and focus on my photography business which is slowly taking off here are some changes to future content/focus;

  1. Weekly rather than daily posts related to photography (some will be weekly photo-art works in the form of a video clip while others will be single art works) every Saturday.
  2. I will continue posting musical content whether personal trumpet works (though will post weekly for these to help develop better/more interesting work) or other selected works from youtube but will try to mix the cultural musical traditions for these selections to further enrich our exposure/experiences instead of focusing mainly on western musical tradition.   
  3. I will post weekly – every Saturday or Sunday – on an issue of importance whether political, environment or otherwise but will have more value rather than reactionary content.
  4. During the week as I have done recently I will continue using art to react to issues on the news using a single image without comment.
  5. Book Reviews and recorded interviews with politicians/experts will be additional content that I hope to bring to this site in order to help promote critical thinking/analysis and try to further develop my own discipline in following this approach.

Hope this helps and thanks again for following my blog and please do share your ideas to help make this site more interesting/relevant to you.

Take care

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Other’s Safety

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