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It’s not really about Russian intervention; if there was any-and I suspect there was-they merely pushed it the extra mile or 2 towards Trump. The real issue in my mind is how divisive politics has become to the extent that people are willing to look the other way at any form/level of abuse, bigotry and xenophobia. Yes there have been policy failures but the extent of manipulation of facts has become unprecedented and is becoming in my mind the primary threat to our lives on multiple levels. So unless government, media and technology companies are willing to take action to control this trend there will be no winners-just losers all round. This is NOT a Left vs Right issue as it is being framed-this is matter of national/regional security (NOT Politics) exceeding in importance of anti-terrorism efforts because this is one of flaws being used by terrorist as well as rogue governments. So let’s wake up and smell the coffee, shall we.

Finally, in my view the increasing amount of attention the media gives to Putin is counterproductive.

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