My Journey with wildlife photography continues. I hope also you continue to be a part of that journey and maybe even enjoy some of my work and maybe even share your thoughts/comments if I really get lucky.

About the Photo:

Some photo’s or paintings that we come across through the years invoke not only inspiration but also affects us in so many different ways. Retouching to me represents these 2 emotions; one through an urge to enhance/refine and another to re-interpret in my own way similar to the way musicians re-arrange a known musical theme. Note that this work is not for profit and that in most cases the image file quality is poor as they are not originals; that said it is purely a matter of art and where copyrights are involved I do contact the publisher before posting.

This iconic photo itself was taken during the G7 Summit in 2018 and demonstrates in no uncertain terms the difference between true leadership and hacking it. 

Many thanks

PS: Please note that as content of my online gallery on my photo website FidelitosPix  changes monthly so old posts with photo’s of bird will be replaced monthly on this site so they reflect the most recent collection. 

Link to original photo here

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