A great speech from a wise leader who I hope (and suspect from this speech) will continue to play a key in revitalising the Democratic party while at the same time defending liberal/democratic values over trends of nationalism & xenophobia. The ultra right surely know how influential he can be and would prefer him to be out the picture-which is all the more reason he needs to stick around to be a beacon for sanity in the new La La Land we are heading towards. That said this speech and the indication of his continued involvement in politics can serve as a very positive springboard in the fight back for Liberal Democracy & a reformed concept of Globalisation.

But beyond all the politics the bottom line for me is this; whether you consider the successes or failures of President Obama, surely one can agree that he has been one of the most decent western leaders we have seen in modern times who challenged the old perceptions of leadership through his unique/casual style & passion for the obligations of his important role (not for the role in itself). His legacy, well in my mind it revolves around 2 key yet simple propositions;

a) He never shied away from challenging tough policy issues (none was off limits)

b) He was the first truly Internationalist US President who helped revitalise US foreign relations not based on power but rather based on understanding and mutual respect (that’s a tall order in itself after the catastrophic Bush years) but also this has never been the underlying approach of previous US Presidents where Foreign Policy is concerned.

My own final reflection on the speech is this;

Yes We Can & Yes We Will standup FOR our Liberal/Democratic Values and AGAINST all forms of Racial/Religious/Sexual Discrimination & Bigotry. This certainly is my commitment.

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