For me it is quite simply difficult to match the warm sound of the Flugelhorn which is why I fell in love with the instrument the first time I listened to it and why I predominantly play it on a daily basis because I have every intention of mastering it. Combine that with a brilliant composition of the Double Horn Concerto by Joseph Haydn, and if that weren’t enough add the exquisite performance by Sergei Nakariakov & Kirill Soldatov accompanied by the Moscow International House of Music; conducted by Vladimir Spivakov, well I don’t think you can achieve entertainment better than that, what do you think, am I exaggerating? The truth is I came across this composition/performance today and it is on my todo list as of now – and if I can’t get close enough to this performance I won’t post it because simply it won’t deserve posting – in other words I’ll take as much time as needed.

Anyway I do hope you enjoy the music and trust it may keep you warm on a cold weekend – though a decently chilled glass of wine won’t necessarily be inappropriate 🙂

Take care.

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