This is just a brief update on plans for the blog site. For the past few weeks I’ve been having some thoughts on plans for my sites including my blog site and here is what I’ve decided;

  1. Blogs are slowly becoming an addiction which can affect content if not controlled, so the idea now is to focus on quality of content rather the quantity of blogs. So I intend for the most part to do 1 blog for photography and possibly 1 or 2 on politics every Saturday as of tomorrow with one being a weekly review/commentary on issues of interest to myself and/or another being a review on research articles or books that tackle issues of interest rather than the reactionary political blogs I’ve used in the past. I am also considering the option of political vlogs – though not too sophisticated – and possibly engaging with site visitors so do let me know your thoughts on this option.
  2. With regards to photography I’ve simplified my photography site to include just 1 gallery which will be changed every month to contain both new/old photos reflecting different photography genres. I will also display the monthly catalogue of photo’s on my blog once a month. As for new photo’s these will be the regular photo blog I post on the site each week and each will come with a discount code for blog visitors and will be replaced by a new photo the following week to keep my site relevant/easy to maintain particularly now that I will also be doing more onsite galleries. I will also be posting some nature video’s every once in a while which I hope you like.
  3. My music posts – as well as other more entertainment related posts – will not be affected by any restrictions in terms of number of posts per week. This is particularly important for music posts as I am always seeking to develop/enhance my portfolio in this area as well as experiencing new brass instruments like the French Horn the Piccolo Trumpet and others. The one trend that I will follow is orchestral play along recordings that allow me to expand my experience at a higher performance level rather than the simplified play along versions of music that I’ve worked with in the past – though I will continue with those as well to complete my existing collection of play along tunes.

Finally please feel free to leave your thoughts on what you like/dislike in terms of blog content.

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