Seems to me that what we should be seeking throughout the west are strong leaders that have the confidence/vision to stand for Liberal values and make globalisation work for all. Weak leaders make us all loose, fast. We also need Liberal parties to set aside non-core differences and make an effort to unite in this effort. Whether people consider this to be an idealistic view, well let it be. I just happen to strongly believe in it and suggest that we have very little choice but to seek this path. There is no more room for the “Politics as Usual” approach-we need to be both creative & aggressive because there is plenty to do and little time to waste. It’s also important to note that there is a lot of talent out there and plenty of ideas, so I do hope that the political establishment throughout Europe has the wisdom to push new blood into the stream to refresh/rebuild.

Having said all that let me end by asserting that I have every confidence that this kickback on Liberal values/traditions can be reversed pretty quickly-we just need the right people in the right place to make this happen-and make it stick.

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