Democracy is a working progress – the kind of hard work that must be focused/persistent. This seems to me to be the case here where indigenous Australians have yet to achieve quite a basic right to be represented in parliament as an advisory body providing non-binding advice to the government on issues that affect them. One would have thought this a no-brainer issue but it seems that many “brainy” Australians are looking for excuses along the lines of; these are people focused on the past while we look towards the future as if there is an inherent disconnect between the future and the past where people live within the same nation and continue to be affected events of the past whether they lived through them or not. Is this rocket science?? True we all have a tendency to oversimplify issues, but at the other extreme which is more prevalent we tend to over complicate quite basic concepts/ideas and this in my opinion can become the real threat to our values and governance model. So the advice from this side of the fence is to slow down, chill and go back to basics rather than be driven by fear, narrow ideology that makes you feel good/brainy; take a break, have a Kit-Kat or a Tik-tac if you prefer.

Just a thought!

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