An excellent article/analysis-link below-on future relationship between the EU and the US under the Trump administration-an unchartered territory. Main takeaway’s from the article are;

  • A parallel path needs to be applied here; engagement with Trump administration as well as with non-Trump supporters among Democrats & Republicans.
  • The need to revitalize EU capabilities-economic & security among others-and emphasize shared values that need to be protected.

In terms of the double messaging coming out of the US administration (Trump vs Top Brass on charm campaign in Europe) it must be made clear as EC President Donald Tusk put it-Deeds are more important than words (or tweets) for that matter.

I would only add here that there also needs to be scrutiny of US administration backdoor initiatives to promote ultra-right parties which is a very real threat in undermining the EU and the core values it was built to protect-something I continue to analyze and hope to share some thoughts about in the near future.

Link to original article here

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