A beautiful country that has suffered for much too long now lapses of security through a combination of internal conflicts as well as the vulnerability to external forces both driven by foreign interference; had this been any other country in the region facing such tremendous pressures it would have crumbled by now. I hope that this great nation now begins to focus on facing up to these challenges and strengthening its security infrastructure because without security and resolving once and for all these internal political conflicts that have done nothing but be a source of continued instability there will be little in the way of sustainable development. For now I hope that Lebanon is able to accurately identify the cause of the recent explosion and do all possible to help all those affected; our hearts & minds goes to all affected by this tragic incident.

Lebanon is a great nation with plenty in the way of ingenuity/talent – it deserves much much better than this and I hope there is a concerted international effort to support Lebanon both on the economic & security front to help create a successful template for change in a region gone wild.

Update 06/08/2020

There now seems to be indication of this tragedy being an accident due 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a port based warehouse. In my mind though explosions like this – if truly by accident – should have triggered at least some initial warning signs that could have been detected if there was any level of monitoring and NOT transition instantly to a blast. That said what is more important rather than speculations is to ensure there is a proper investigation – possibly with some foreign assistance/expertise if necessary – and this would be the end of the story particularly that Lebanon has suffered many similar incidents – security related ones – due to it’s vulnerability in a region infected by political conflict/instability. So whatever the outcome of the investigation the characterization above of the regional pressures on Lebanon still stand and if we want to avert another Syrian scenario we’d better pay attention and take action – and I hope that the EU the only remaining/viable power in this day/age is able to take a lead role in this direction. I understand President Emmanuel Macron is already on his way to Lebanon – well done Sir well done.

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