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The approach seems to be “Just Let Us Out, and To Hell with our Commitments in the Referendum”. In which case it beggars the question, what is the point of having a Referendum in the first place if you are not binding to fundamental promises/expectations made to the Leave camp. If on the other hand, as I believe, you should be bound by these expectation, and if they are not met in totality is that not a valid reason in the interest of fairness/transparency to the British people to have a 2nd referendum on the actual results of the negotiations particularly that it was a close vote and it does have profound ramifications on our economy & identity as a nation? Even the process seems flawed-trigger article 50 then, let’s talk-and if negotiations fail you’re in Limbo land. I said it before and I say it again I have absolutely no confidence in the team involved in the negotiations-they may have a mandate based on the referendum results but they seem to be cherry picking, if indeed picking anything at all, in terms red lines that they have committed to during the campaign. Compounding this problem is that fact that there does not seem to be any unity among Remain supporters in parliament on how to challenge the government in its approach towards negotiations and revoking article 50. In brief it very hard-and I tried hard-NOT to come to the conclusion that we are in a Mess and we look it very well-just considering process alone.  The last and I think an appropriate point to make here is this;  what we have actually seen pre/post the referendum is a lesson on Politics One-on-One; twisting the truths is mostly OK in the world of politics because it’s really about results not necessarily the details. Applying the same approach by the common man or even in business is likely to get you in real trouble particularly if it affects others. So my simple advice is for us all to become activists and also critical thinkers in matters we are passionate about so as not be driven by politicians who sometimes act like lobbyists. We need remind our political representatives that they are simply just representatives not only on mandates we give them but equally important is the overarching guidelines in achieving those mandates.

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