Framing these issues and the absurdity of temperament of Mr Trump as a Liberal/Conservative divide is the real Fake News of the Century. We should engage/connect with like-minded conservatives and not be forced to live in our own isolated bubble that got into this mess in the first place. The narrative driven by the Trump camp is that we “Liberal’s” need to get over the shock and deal with it including to my astonishment Piers Morgan on this program.

He even suggested that as a “successful” business man we may be surprised by what he is able to achieve. Really??? Beyond the “Successful” bit is this really the best America can do in terms of Business Leaders? The fact of the matter is that there is no political ideology in play here-it is merely about someone I would not trust at any level to take charge of the most powerful superpower-even reflecting on what he was described by his fellow Republican presidential candidates during the debates-this is the real question. What is needed now is strong leadership that is able to unite Liberals/Conservatives/Independents to stand up more effectively NOT to undermine Mr Trump but to prevent him from undermining our Democracy & Security-we should never be so divided whatever our political affiliation or personal experiences/background that we can not see this as a sacrifice not worth taking.

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