Having just heard this news the big question for me is how the hell did Chris Wallace end up at Fox News in the first place and what sustained him in this position for so long considering the gradual/systemic radicalisations of this network. Whatever the history and motives of this move it most certainly is a great piece of news and one can only hope that he moves to a more moderate network because based on his record he has plenty in the way of experience and political insight that many of the so-called Liberal news networks can utilities as they seem to be toying with the Fox News model of news for biased entertainment rather than for the pure / unfiltered reporting of facts and where news anchors have become more like movie stars rather than professional reporters. I also hope that in Britain people begin to notice the destructive effects of the Rupert Murdoch concept of News or rather what I’d call the Commercialized/Radicalized Entertainment News Business Model that has little regards to facts and journalistic integrity.

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