A BREXIT Macro Nugget: Stage 1: Morphing BREXIT – Stage 2: Morphing 2nd Referendum Options – Stage 3: Hopefully, Morphing Parliament

We’ve lived and continue to live in exciting times with this BREXIT saga which has become more of an egotistical/political mix of a game for many of our politicians; I’d actually rather give them each an Xbox or Sony Playstation with the help from the gaming industry to urgently develop […]

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The Politics of History

It’s truly incredible to see how politics is now being used to distort history either through Selective Facts or better yet Creative Facts. You’d be forgiven to think this only happens in places like the Middle East and it has and continues to happen to this day. What is mind […]

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Prince William and a Royal Gaffe

I received the news with a mix of bewilderment/amusement that Prince William mixes up China and Japan in a royal gaffe – link below. Where have I heard this before…..mmmmmm? So my concern is if this is an indication that he may have met with – Oh, the Special One, Mr. […]

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