What I fail to understand is how such a critical issue is dealt with in such a chaotic manner. Although I agree the need to have a referendum as a deciding factor on such an issue it should not have been the only factor determining the exit. These matters should have followed a double or triple lock process that among others would ensure that a well defined plan is defined/approved on exit that takes into account all consequences from decision day even before triggering article 50-this in collaboration with business sector. Debates alone do not solve these issues and are used more to achieve political ends in themselves rather than provide solutions to practical issues as we are slowly beginning to realise.

On the other hand I do not believe one can whole heartedly say that it is democratic to frame a question in a way that restricts the alternatives allowed in terms of referendum. This is can be deemed democratic by politicians but true democracy I believe has a much firmer grounds. The view of French Environment Minister Segolene Royal in this interview does not reflect true democracy as I understand it; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT5VKD-h9F0. More importantly it does not demonstrate the confidence necessary in the European project when selling the concept to Eurosceptics.
There is a silver lining (hopeful sign) for this referendum in my view and these include;

  1. The shambled outcome of the Brexit does serve as a warning sign that if you intend to do it alone you’d better make sure you have a rock solid plan. The EU while not at all perfect as a bureaucracy it is far more effective as a global power than any 1 individual state and has plenty of space for reform/adjustment.
  2. Though the outcome of the referendum was very close the UK has been mostly a Eurosceptic nation. The perception still remains that that this country is a leading super power that has everything to gain by exiting from this institution. There is also a very strong extreme right faction that has been silently growing through the years due to flawed immigration/integration policies by successive governments. So Donald Trump like banners “Let’s Make GB Great Again” really does payoff. This outlook in my view has its place in ancient history-but lessons will be learned and the negative outcome of this referendum will server as historical backlash that will allow people to seriously rethink of how we fit into this new global order. I truly believe that this exit will not last for long and by then it will have served its purpose by putting the record straight in the minds of many.

That said nothing should be taken for granted and we as pro Europeans should always do our bit to make our voices heard while pushing for greater EU reform because the alternatives are not attractive.

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