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We’re slowly reaching a stage where we need a reality check and here’s why; economic/fiscal indicators are suggesting one thing and the government seems to be putting its head in the sand in sticking with its plan for a hard BREXIT with no clarity in position not to the British people, UK/UK based businesses or to the negotiating partners in Europe. It is kind of like a computer programmer who decides to write a new piece of software all on his own in a closed room without validating viability or liaising with potential customers. So one has to ask the question; Do we really have confidence that UK government position/strategy (if there is one) is NOT more driven by politics than by common sense. If we are to leave the EU what is of paramount importance is to do so in manner that has minimal effects on our economy and our future relations with the EU who will continue to be our close partners (in or out). This should NOT be driven by ego or political biases but by a pragmatic way forward that safeguards our interests. I for one have 0 confidence in the team that is currently managing the BREXIT process and would suggest a call to change in the make up of that team-people I would trust to be part of a new team is George Osborne former Chancellor and possibly Vince Cable former Secretary of State for Business-in my mind when we are dealing with such critical/strategic decisions that will likely have lasting effects on our country it does make sense that we look for;  experience, talent and rapport with our negotiating partners irrespective of party affiliation so long as there is genuine willing to work towards the exit target. More importantly we need to establish a proper level of clarity to all stakeholders in short order.

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