While people continue talking about the fear of crashing out of the EU the fact of the matter is that the twilight zone we’re living in at the moment with indecision and political bickering is a constant state of crash albeit less severe, but with time we’ve spent in this zone already it’s having a detrimental effect on this country similar to a large extent to crashing out of the EU. So the suggestion from this end – as it has been more than a year ago – is to for God’s sake take a stand to end this stalemate as suggested in this post. Broken politics can NOT and will NOT give any direction for the future of this country nor will dragging the country to the BREXIT end line – this is fiction. It is the people that need to make their choice on the latest – or any other tweaked BREXIT deal – loud/clear without further noise from the chambers of politics. This is NOT about pro BREXIT or anti BREXIT it is about the people’s right to direct/control their future when the politics of the country is utterly broken – otherwise the case would be entirely different because politicians would themselves have demanded giving the people the choice to vote on the deal as a matter of principal – Democratic principal that is. I guess British Democracy has yet to mature after all – that much we’ve learned and it’s good we have so that we can start making amends when this mess is finally over. As for the EU let me suggest that their stance on NOT extending the BREXIT process without a stable majority is spot on otherwise it is a waste of time/resources as it has proved to be so far for both parties and likely to be a continued headache/factor of instability for the EU itself – and let me rephrase “for both parties”.  So as some would say, let’s get Real.

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