The incompetence of this BREXIT Team is really striking and shocking at he same time. Here are the telltale signs that would give you a clue about incompetence;

  1. When you see a plan that is being developed on the go you know you are in dangerous territory for a few reasons;

a) Lack of vision on strategy (you actually should have these when negotiating with stakeholders and not use that as an excuse)

b) Redlines being defined/redefined based political will power alone (forget about oversight and just enjoy the ride blind folded)

2. When you clearly see the government is doing its best to cut corners-fastback the process of triggering article 50 with no/little time between that and releasing details of the plan you know you can sense the smell of rotten fish in the air.

3. When you see an entire plan being drawn (again on the go) based on hypotheticals and NOT based on agreements at least on overall terms with the main stakeholder-the EU-you know you are making a big gamble with the country-just to suite the political narrative by the (BREXIT) people in charge of the negotiations.


I am also quite bemused by the pattern of questioning today by MP’s who seemed to shy away from asking the hard/penetrating questions regarding;

  • Failure in defining an end-to-end process including oversight of parliament
  • Making the case for a large chunk of the population who feel that if there are changes in overall expectations about terms of exit why should people not have a say through a 2nd referendum when the original mandate terms are no longer sustainable
  • Questioning the Fact/Strategy free approach in developing plans without proper interaction with key stakeholders including the EU.

There was actually a moment when one the panel members started asking about the composition of the Brexit team and where they are based; are you serious…we’re now way ahead of the curve that this becomes the main topic of concern? Do any of the thoughts above merit a question? Its kind of like walking into a party stark nakid and the host complains because you’re not wearing a hat. At that moment I just switched off the TV to avoid brain damage. It is really mind boggling to see people at that level of our political system being so incompetent even in terms of understanding the basics of process & planning. It seems like the Prince II Methodology is Failing at the Source.

A way forward is suggested in this blog;

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