As we continue to await for the government to release the BREXIT impact assessment papers there seems to a confusion as suggested by David Davis letter in the referenced article (link below) as to what these documents entail. As the letter suggests this is an evolving analysis that is being continually updated. But for me what are equally important aspects that need to be established are;

  1. The timeline trail of the analysis/updates to determine when the government actually reached their conclusions so we can better scrutinise their actions/statements pre/post the triggering of article 50.
  2. Determine the team in charge of developing such analysis.
  3. Determine the gaps in coverage that may exist in terms of studying the full impact of exiting the EU.

There also needs to be the understanding that politicians will be held accountable if it transpires that there was deliberate effort to withhold important information/findings from the public or disseminate disinformation about BREXIT and it’s impact.

Link to original article here

The BREXIT Papers

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