Forget about the devil being in the detail, we don’t even want detail at this stage. A good baby step forward is to have clarity in process. Why am I talking about process, here is why;

  1. Triggering Article 50 without knowing/agreeing (both in Parliament  & with EU) on terms is absolutely ridiculous and more importantly a waste of time/resources. We see The Chancellor say one thing while the top EU/BREXIT negotiator Michel Barnier providing a different narrative. This is completely/utterly unacceptable.
  2. There seems to be a confusion even within government as to what constitutes a realistic Brexit deal. David Davis hinting of one option and Philip Hammond going after another. Seems like On The Job Training performed by top notch politicians in the British Government,

A way forward is suggested in this blog;

I said it before in a previous blog but its worth repeating; the way we continue to handle the exit process has become a travesty which is damaging to our reputation more than anything else-so the longer this period of confusion drags on the worse it will be for all of us in or out of the EU with direct implications on our influence/negotiating powers in both scenarios.

Link to original article is here

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