A truly candlelightening interview today-but then again why split hairs. The single clear overriding message coming out of this interview is that the government intends for us to leave the EU and will trigger article 50 by the end of March-anything else is up for grabs-but that is not to say we will NOT hope for the best. The question then is this; hoping for the best based on what measure, based on existing benefits of accessing the Single Market or based minimal access, or based on..well anything really. It then becomes crystal clear that all this is just a smoke screen and that the real vision of the government is this; fast track BREXIT, set no expectations (and abide by no expectations set during the referendum) and just get any deal to get out. This is a sham process and the people overseeing it should be held accountable if they choose to take on the responsibility of exiting the EU without proper oversight of the British people on the actual terms. BREXIT was never defined during the referendum campaign as JUST BREXIT, but rather by certain promises, obligations/expectations. If these are thrown out of the window it is right/proper for the British people to have their say on the terms of the actual deal because the delegation is no longer valid, at least for some who voted based these promises.

Link to original interview here

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