In a way I am happy that Mrs. May is surfacing herself as the lead person in charge of the negotiations – at least on the “surface” – on the other hand we should not allow her disown the mess created on her watch since triggering article 50; she owns every bit of that mess and the perception she wants to give about her taking back control is a silly attempt to shift the blame to her own team – NOT your typical leader is it? With that out of the way, let me make an additional point;

My main concern is NOT the shenanigans we see within the clan running the country, it is this; while there is increasing discontent about BREXIT and despite the fact that there was a marginal difference between BREXITEER’s & Remainer’s in the well established flawed referendum, lead politicians on both parties are locked on the details of BREXIT (opt in’s/out’s) and a large portion of the electorate – some would argue who now form the majority – who did not support BREXIT have no representation whatsoever in terms of a viable/pragmatic vision for continued membership in the EU. Also please remember that the Referendum was NOT about EXIT at any COST as some would like to believe – in order to conveniently re-morph the definition – nor was it without conditions, and now we learn nor was it based on accurate expectations or free of meddling & illegal influence; in other words the foundations of the referendum are non-existent and that doesn’t come without a price tag which we’re paying for now. In the early part of last year I even wrote a post on this site urging liberal parties to put forth such a vision here; BREXIT: Where the Liberals Stand. Instead they helped exacerbate the division by leading from behind in the EXIT/BREXIT campaign rubbish – a convenient/lazy approach that does nothing to represent the millions who are keen on the UK’s continued membership and their own sense of British/European identity that we’ve been boasting about (officially/non-officially) ever since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. What we’re actually achieving out of this mess – something we need to question – is another layer of national bureaucracy on top of the EU bureaucracy to manage an ever growing complex relationship structure with the EU to cover things like border controls, product standards, competition guidelines not to mention the legal aspects related arbitration and governing the jurisdiction of ECJ (the European Court of Justice).

So let me reiterate my advice to politicians on all sides of the political spectrum who are keen on continued membership in the EU, that we need to change from defensive to offensive mode in fighting back by making our case and NOT caving in to BREXITEER’s (both the hard & soft liners) and the confused Labour leadership by developing an actual alternate vision for our relationship with the EU and to force a referendum that brings back some sense of reality to this issue and ensures increasing support among Remainers and Undecided (if there are any left after the mess we’ve witnessed from the current mob for over a year now).

Or is it too late? As everything it depends largely on “Leadership” and what a Time & Place for it now. In my mind it is all about driving a fair/honest debate on BREXIT based on facts & reality and let the chips fall where they may – not the sting operation we’ve been witnessing ever since the run up to triggering article 50.

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