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The Middle East Policy of “Creative Inertia”

I have written 2 posts on this matter including an approach forward on a resolution so I refer to those rather than repeating myself; Leaders reject Netanyahu calls for Jewish mass migration to Israel: Commentary A Cosy Relation with an expected Policy Dictation What I would like to take on here are 2 […]

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The Other Side of WWII

As one who enjoys reading/viewing documentaries about WWII I will be posting material I find interesting and/or significant yet little is known about on this major historic event that helped shape what is termed as the current world order-after we all need to know where we are coming from so […]

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The Hybrid Nature of Warfare & The Role of the Military (Part 2 due January 2017)

The Crimea Factor-Establishing Context Old Techniques within New Context/Terminology: The perception by Western analyst of Russian actions against the Ukraine in 2014 as a new style warfare is one that is misplaced. In fact these are old Soviet style/previously dormant foreign policy techniques that include disinformation and subversion. Steady Re-Emergence […]

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