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Racism is Alive & Kicking

Here’s a thought; With the rise of the Ultra-right “ulraPolitik” in the West clearly manifested by the election of Donald Trump in the White House, Racism has again become an area of concern. It used to be the case in the not-so-distant past that Western societies prided themselves for being […]

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How Europe Should Deal With Trump (Commentary)

An excellent article/analysis-link below-on future relationship between the EU and the US under the Trump administration-an unchartered territory. Main takeaway’s from the article are; A parallel path needs to be applied here; engagement with Trump administration as well as with non-Trump supporters among Democrats & Republicans. The need to revitalize […]

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Constitutional Crisis in America

Constitutional Crisis in America (and we’re not past the 1 month mark of the Trump Presidency). At it’s core this American story is one that demonstrates how vulnerable a state can become to powerful lobby groups that are intent to drive policy to protect their narrow interests-ideological or financial. This […]

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