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"Multiculturalism": The Elephant that Overtook the Room

Defining the Problem There continues to be debate about the value of “Multiculturalism” and whether it has failed to live up to its nobel intentions pertaining to a multiethnic/multicultural society we live in today. Some politicians even pronounce the concept of Multiculturalism as already “Dead”. This is certainly a serious & […]

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A Response to Geert Wilders

Mr Wilders I have just recently been following your political campaign in Holland and listening to some of your statements as well as ones made by your supporters. I am not actually surprised by successes made by right wing parties in the West-there are valid reasons for this. However when I heard […]

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A Proper Response to Tragic Events in France

With the recent tragic developments in France I urge EU governments and political leaders to re-think our approach in facing fundamentalism and terrorism. The concept of security/defence alone is the traditional/tested & failed approach. So is our approach in seeking alliance with oppressive regimes in the Middle East that prevent […]

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