Play Along Tunes for the Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet, Piccolo Trumpet and now even the French Horn (Best to Use Headphones):

Note these videos are more for training/tracking my own progress – so obviously latest recordings are better than older ones. Also for me it’s more about technique rather than sophisticated audio recording, so you can bet I will do my best on that front but I suspect it won’t hit that audio mark each time. Anyway if someone does enjoy the tunes all the better.

Sevillanas tunes have very special memories for me in Spain not to mention that I genuinely love the music, so it’s kind of a special package on the hole. I decided to play this one with background singing though I could have used the karaoke version but in my opinion Sevillanas without the singing takes out the entire charm of this genre of music. Anyway hope you enjoy, particularly this one and maybe more to come. 

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